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Howard A. Levitt and Brian A. Grosman Join Forces To Announce the New Levitt & Grosman LLP

Headed by Howard A. Levitt and Brian A. Grosman, Q.C. - two of Canada's leading employment and labour lawyers - Employment and Labour Law By The Best.

Please click here to read the official press release.

Canadian Employment Law By The Best
Levitt & Grosman employment and labour lawyers are nationally recognized as leading lawyers in the area of Canadian employment law, labour law and wrongful dismissals and are based in Toronto, Ontario. Headed by Howard A. Levitt and Brian A. Grosman, Q.C., the team is considered one of the most experienced employment law practices in Canada. Levitt & Grosman is adept at handling employment law suits focused on wrongful dismissals and unjust dismissals, human rights issues, sexual harassment and discrimination, constructive dismissals, issues with severance pay and severance packages, employment contracts and/or being fired or laid off.
Our Canadian employment lawyers regularly represent clients before all levels of courts, mediators, labour relations boards, grievance arbitrators, and employment tribunals. Our lawyers have the experience, the depth, and the resources to help you. Our lawyers are able to handle a diverse range of employment and labour matters. With specialized knowledge and experience to assist clients on even the most complex matters, our lawyers work to ensure the proper legal entitlements in all cases.

Employment law for start ups: if you're thinking of starting a business what do you need to know

There is no doubt that graduates today are entering one of the toughest job markets in decades - with temporary, part-time and freelance employment quickly becoming the norm. As difficult as finding a job is, navigating one's way around the complexities of employment rights present new obstacles. Non-traditional career paths, such as launching a start-up or working as a freelancer, also present their own challenges for young people who, for the first time ever, have to consider the legal implications around hiring and managing employees.

Career Skills Incubator is thrilled to present an exciting workshop on the fundamentals of employment law where we will examine the questions you need to ask as an employee and potential employer, particularly for young professionals and startup founders.

Led by Sunira Chaudri, an employment litigator with Levitt & Grosman LLP, this is a great opportunity to avoid potential stumbling blocks as you chart a course into your new career.

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